Feb 2015 – West Coast Port Disruption

ILWu_PMA_600pxThis news may not be new to some, but I am passing along the information just in case.

I apologize for the interruption if this does not pertain to you.



Work has slowed down and ports have become congested amid a nine-month contract dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which represents 20,000 workers, and the Pacific Maritime Association.

Ports may shut down if an agreement is not reached. And U.S. exports are already slowing.

Mint – Local Stock from the Manufacturer – Arora Aromatics

Why buy Natural Menthol and Mint Oils from a trader or distributor when you can buy direct from the manufacturer?  


Mint leaves

 DMO (Mentha Arvensis), 

Peppermint (Mentha Piperita),  

Menthone 95:5,   Menthone 90:10, Menthone 80:20, 

Natural Cis-3-Hexenol (ex Mint), 

Natural Cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate (ex Mint)

Now Offering FTNF Botanical Distillates and Extracts

Omega Ingredients Ltd specializes in the innovative fusion of biochemistry with natural materials, to provide you with the very best quality flavor & fragrance ingredients. Omega Ingredients Ltd was founded in 2001 by Steve Pearce and Elizabeth Pearce, skilled biochemists with decades of experience within the international food and drink ingredients sector.

Offering Liquid , Dry and Certified Organic ingredients.

Email christine@aromalink.net for more information!

Spanish Essential Oils from Ventos

The quality and  purity of good natural essential oils depends on the search for the best sources and the selection of the best harvests.  Ernesto Ventos is in the unique geographic position to cultivate close relationships with Spanish farmers, in order to obtain the finest Spanish essential oils in the world.

Orange, Lemon, and Clementine oils are cold pressed with vibrant colors, and offered as single or folded and have unique profiles that can be used to blend with more standard citrus oils, or used on their own for a fresh citrus note in flavors, fragrances, beverages, and other applications.

Contact Christine at cdaley@ventos.com for samples and pricing!


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Patchouli Prices on the Rise until 2014

Patchouli Prices on the Rise until 2014 – Time to Buy is Now

Some reasons for this…

1) It is now the dry season at origin, and will continue until November
2) Due to this, farmers have moved to different plantations.
3) It is expected that prices will continue to rise until early next year.
4) The low prices prevailing over the last six months did not induce enough production,and the supply for oil therefore is less

Contact us for a quote!

The Citrus Pages – so good I had to share!

I don’t know about you, but I learn something new every day.  There is so much to know about flavors & fragrances & their ingredients that I am compelled to share, especially when the information involves very commonly used materials.

In this case, I have stumbled upon THE CITRUS PAGES.

This is a non-commercial, comprehensively- illustrated citrus website with descriptions and uses of over 400 varieties of citrus.  Enjoy!


Mint Prices – Get some while prices are low!

AromaLink  has special relationships with Indian and Chinese producers to bring you cost-effective, high quality peppermint, de-mentholized corn mint and spearmint oils.

The harvest has begun and prices for current stock are low and dropping.    Contact me for a price , availability and samples!

Ernesto Ventos

Since 1986 Ernesto Ventos S.A. has specialized exclusively in the distribution of  raw materials for the flavour and fragrance industry under the direction of Mr. Jordi Calonge.

In 2001 the company moved to Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) where the modern and practical installations enabled Ventós to centralize and consolidate operational capacity with considerable stock levels of over 1600 materials.

Ernesto Ventós S.A. under its continued expansion on a global level, has opened new offices in China (2011) and Mexico (2012) and now holds stock in the United States of America with local representative Christine Daley, aiding in their commitment of offering an improved service to the local markets.


In the fall of 2011, staff members of Perfumer & Flavorist visited Ventos and posted this report:

A recent visit to Ernesto Ventós in Barcelona, Spain, included a stop in the company’s naturals plant, which is overseen by production manager Josep Maria Viñas. While many of the company’s ingredients are steam distilled in-field, the plant performs short-path molecular distillation, rectification and acetylization. In addition to the Spanish essential oils that comprise the company’s legacy, Ernesto Ventós produces new specialty products such as vetiveryl from Haitian vetiver, guaiyl acetate from Paraguayan guaiacwood and patchouli acetate.